When is Wedding Season?

When I graduated college my grandmother gave me an old book as a gift; the cover read, "Wedding Embassy Yearbook".  In front of the book, it explains the rules to planning the perfect traditional wedding, and in the back were handwritten pages of the wedding gifts she had received, such as $20 from Tony Battistelli - in 1962, $20 went a long way. 

The book sits in my office, and every now and then I flip through the pages. The other day a certain chapter caught my attention: "Wedding Season". It basically read that spring and summer were the proper months to get married. If spring and summer is considered wedding season, then why is my fall and winter calendar always booked with weddings? The truth is, wedding season is all year long. So for any of you couples out there searching for the perfect time to get married...it's whenever you want! After all, "If you obey all the rules you, miss all the fun"!